Poultry Feed Premixes

We are able to supply you all kind of feed premixes for all animal species in various inclusion rates starting from 0.5% up to 2.5%. The inclusion rate of the premix is absolutely depending on the demand of the customer to add amino acids and/or phosphates and salt as well as the technical possibilities of the mixing installation. Our premixes are consisting of stabilized vitamins, nutritional available minerals, trace elements, feed additives and amino acids as per your requirements.
Our Innovative Feed Premixes are developed to help farmers meet the challenges they face. The cutting-edge products provide a wide range of benefits: they can help increase production and productivity, improve welfare, reduce environmental impact, and enhance product quality.

For the production of our premix, only ingredients of the highest quality are used, so we can guarantee the maximum shelf life for our premixes.

Our company is highly keen on exporting Poultry Feed Premixes to  Iraq, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Oman.

The standard packaging is laminated polypropylene bags, each bag containing 25 kg. Different kind of packaging is possible on your demand. Usually, we can load 22.5 MT without pallets in one 20ft container.

Quality Control

Our Group has a continuously developing, outstanding laboratory background and is at the service of its customers with new, modern instruments and equipment used for the organoleptic, physical, and chemical analysis of products. Our goal is to obtain accreditation for our measurement methods for which there is real market demand.

Why KKB Feed Premixes?

Providing Feed Premix Solutions

KKB knows that strong performance, quality products, and cost-effective nutritional solutions contribute to profitable poultry production. The feed premix that goes into the complete feed is the foundation of poultry nutrition.
KKB high-quality custom and standard poultry feed premixes offer producers and feed manufacturers a simplified, hassle-free mixing process.

Why is KKB Feed Premixes Foundational to Poultry Nutrition?

KKB expertise in premix formulation provides an adequate balance of vitamins and minerals for a healthy diet.
Customized options are available for different poultry species and production stages.
The poultry technical team is available for consultation on premix best practices, feed rationing needs, and production questions.

Poultry Feed Premix Features

KKB Feed premixes are produced with free-flowing technology to prevent clumping and caking.

Oil additions in the formulation minimize dustiness.

Traceability of ingredients and premix formulations offer quality assurance.