Natural Pure Honey

  • High Quality Natural Pure Honey
  • Packaged in 1 kg Glass Jar
  • Flavor Wildflower 
    Weight 1 Kg 
    Package Information Glass Jar
    Item Dimensions LxWxH 3.75 x 3.88 x 9.38 inches

High Quality Natural Pure Honey

Quality of Iranian honey is unique in the world due to its diverse climate, variety of flowers and the fact that Iran has four seasons at any given time of the year. In addition to honey, the beekeeping industry yields other products such as royal jelly, pollen, honey wax and beehive that are exported even to the world’s major honey producers and beekeepers.

Iran’s pure honey Export would satisfy any consumer in the world due to high quality and great taste as well as affordable price.

All of our jars are custom made and reusable, we are collecting raw honey from beekeepers, then we test them in our in-house lab, accepted products will be packed to your satisfaction.